We are delighted to be attach our Quarterly Report for January to March 2013 which provides the evidence that large numbers of children continue to seek our help in relation to a very wide range of issues.

YPG Quarterly Report for January to March 2013

We always knew that the demand for support was there – we are so grateful that due to your understanding and your generosity we are able to build the service and make a difference for young people.



We are hugely grateful to everyone who continues to support our project, and in particular we have recently benefitted from the following organisations’ generosity:

La Grande Mare Hotel, Golf Course and Health Complex, (Chris, Jaine and Simon Vermeulen)  for organising the most amazing Golf Charity Day and Dinner on April 26/27 which raised £10,000 for local charities – we were very lucky to receive £4,000 from this amazing fundraising event.

Association of Guernsey Charities: which donated £2,500 to us from funds raised by the 2012 Christmas Lottery;

GIFA and Kevin Stewart: at the recent Guernsey Investment Fund Association Annual Dinner, Deputy Kevin Stewart had a bash at stand-up in aid of a local charity and very kindly selected us as the beneficiary of his bravery;

Channel Islands Co-operative Society: which donated £1,000 to us from their 2013 “Helping Hands” initiative.

Forthcoming events:

Please come and find us on LIBERATION DAY: we shall be on the Albert Pier where KRyS Global has generously sponsored our huge climbing walls. This will be open from 10am-5pm and is free to all children and young people to climb (under the instruction of trained professionals): see http://guernseyliberationday.com/articles/?articleid=108

We are holding an “Open Lunch” on THURSDAY 23rd MAY, 12-2pm when anyone can come and see what we’re up to at The Hub. If you have not yet had an opportunity to pop in and meet the Barnardo’s staff and see our wonderful bespoke centre then do come and and join us. We’d be delighted to see you, answer any questions  and show you around the Centre.

Should you have any questions/comments/feedback about YPG and the Barnardo’s service at The Hub, please do get in touch at anytime.

With kindest regards,

The YPG team


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